Ward Advantage

PREMIUM Vehicles CUSTOMIZED To YOUR Specifications

When we say “customized,” we’re not talking about a base model with some options. We’re talking about building the body YOU need to carry all your equipment in the most efficient, accessible manner. Here’s what you get when you choose Ward Apparatus…


A super structure of full-welded, square aluminum extrusion crates an enclosed cage. This construction technique provides resilient, long-lasting value and enables custom design of interior compartments.

An all-aluminum body is cost effective and protects against the corrosive operating environment of a rescue vehicle. Overall body weight is reduced up to 30%, which translates to higher payload capacity.


Our Fit & Finish is our signature difference over the competition. We use a PPG 2-stage paint process with color sanding and buffing that results in a smooth, high-gloss finish. Our attention to detail results in a truck that will fill your department with PRIDE!


Ward’s design allows you to create an interior layout to store all the equipment to meet your department’s needs.
You will LOVE the Engineering Drawings that accompany each of our Bid Proposals.


Multiplex Wiring allows multiple electronic message to travel back and forth through the same datalink wire rather than separate wires for each electrical function. Because the system’s electronic control modules are remotely controlled by signals rather than separate wires, fewer relays and connectors are required, reducing possible failure points. Ward holds the following certifications:

  • Class 1 Es-Key Multiplex
  • Weldon Multiplex


Ward can build your body to fit Spartan, HME, and all commercial chassis