16′ Crew Forward Rescue – Atlas Township

2022 Ford f-650 Diesel Crew Cab Base W6D

  • 16’ All-Aluminum Body & Subframe with a 10 Year Body Warranty
  • Weldon Programmable Multiplexed Electrical System with Vista V-MUX User Interface Display

  • Curbside Entry Door

  • Cab to Body Access Pass Thru

  • Smart Power Generator & Recessed Generator Compartment

  • Command Light Tower & Recessed Light Tower Compartment

  • Hannay Electric Cord Reel & Junction Box

  • Kussmaul Battery Charger & Super Auto Eject

  • ROM Series IV Roll-Up Doors

  • ROM V4 LED Compartment Strip Lighting

  • L1/R1; L2/R2; L3/R3 Adjustable Shelf

  • Uni-Strut Channels for Adjustable Shelving & Trays, Each Side of the Compartment
  • Redding Defender P Series Bumper with Grille Guard

  • FRC InView 360 HD Camera System

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