12′ Responder Rescue – Walker Valley Fire Company

2022 Ford F-550 4X4 sd cREW cAB cHASSIS

  • 12’ All-Aluminum Body & Subframe with a 10 Year Body Warranty
  • Class 1 Multiplexed Electrical System

  • Kussmaul Battery Charger & Super Auto Eject

  • Hansen International Roll-Up Doors for Compartments & Compartment Strip Lighting
  • Federal Signal PF200R Electronic Siren & DynaMax ES100C Speaker System

  • Federal Signal MicroPulse & FireRay LED Warning & Scene Lighting

  • Federal Signal Allegiant LED 53” Front Light Bar
  • Federal Signal CN Signal Master 31” Traffic Directing Bar
  • Uni-Strut Channels for Adjustable Shelving & Trays, Each Side of the Compartment
  • L1/R1; RR1 Adjustable Shelves & SlideMaster Slide-Out Trays
  • L2/R2 SlideMaster Transverse Dual Directional Slide Tray
  • L3 Adjustable Shelves
  • R3 SlideMaster Adjustable Slide-Out Tool Board
  • Will-Burt Light Tower with Recessed Compartment & Nesting System
  • Black-Out Package
  • Buckstop Bumper

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